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Learn about, understand and profit from new knowledge about crypto, web3 and artificial intelligence (AI).
Step-by-step guides made by experts.

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Everything, at any time in one app.

Crypto has never been as easy as with CryptoClue. From step-by-step guides for beginners to groups for experts the app provides for everything you need to find your way around crypto, web 3.0 and artificial intelligence.

  • Daily news about crypto & web 3.0
  • Comprehensive learning videos
  • Glossary & important websites

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The modules

All-in-One App

Everything in one app clearly structured into four modules.


In our news section you can find novelties, developments and prices of the crypto world. With the daily news about web 3.0 and crypto you can directly react to changes in the market and redistribute the investments in your portfolio.

  • Daily crypto news

Here you can also find your selection of favourite coins and important red flags to look out for while investing.


In the course area education videos and easy step-by-step checklists are waiting for you. As a beginner you can learn the crypto basics with different education videos. But also advanced crypto users can find out more about topics like coins/token, market places or NFTs.

  • Profit from regular new learning videos

Within the App users can work with various checklists about the topics trade, Metaverse or earning money in web 3.0, crypto and AI.


You can find a useful handbook for working with crypto in the “glossary” area. Here you can not only find an extensive glossary about all things web 3.0, AI, crypto and co., but also the important Discord-language. Additionally the app also provides links to the most important websites in the web 3.0, to communicate or to get to know new projects.

Rewards program & expert groups

Exchange with experienced users and recieve useful tips or insider knowledge. Besides expert knowledge you can also recieve different rewards through our rewards program.

The team


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    • Free Crypto Basic video course
    • Daily news
    • Crypto charts
    • Glossary

For maximum learning success
  • Premium

  • $6,49Mon.
    • + All features of Basic
    • + 11 more video courses with over 100 learning videos in Web3, NFT, Metaverse, artificial intelligence, making money in Web3, wealth building, wallets and more.


Here we present the newest milestones to you. You can look forward to an eventful future!